Our Approach

While we like to think that we're good at everything, the truth is that we are not. Well, less is more. There are industries that we know a little bit more about, and there are industries that we would need some education on. Thus, we will continue to update our focus (see below) as and when we acquire the right expertise.

We would like you to think of your engagement with The Talent Shark as one that you've bought into by our process and way of doing things. You are not buying the names and contacts we've got in our phone book, so it's not a case of who we know. We pride ourselves as a partner that can help manage your talent process and do a very good job about it. 


Our Industry/ Functional Focus

Industry: Technology, Pharma/ Medical

Function (Roles): Technical, Commercial, Management/ Leadership

Consulting: Talent Programs, Process management, Succession, M&A


Why Us?

We look at every search, project and consultation through the lens of an in-house practitioner. Founded by a HR Practitioner of over 16 years of in-house experience, the folks at The Talent Shark feels that it is important to keep our approach "realistic" and actionable. We only offer what you need without the frills.