Searches (Retained/ Contingent)

It's been a debate that's had been going on for ages. To go on a retained search or do it on contingent? The answer? It really depends. There are times when you do need to put in place a comprehensive process to manage the search in a systematic way, and there are times where you need that flexibility/ nimbleness in your approach. 

At The Talent Shark, we call a spade a spade. With us, you would find a partner that would be absolutely honest with what's required, and put in place a process that best fits your hiring requirements.

Target Candidate Management

How many times have you asked the question, "Why do I need to embark on a full on search process when I actually know who would be our best bet for the role?". 

You're not alone. Many Talent Acquisition practitioner we've worked with tell us that what they really need is for someone to talk to a list of candidates that had already been identified. Many forward looking organisations also have in place a robust succession plan where they've took  a proactive approach in identifying candidates in the industry that would be able to do the job. When the needs arises, all they need to do is to activate that list.

In cases like this, we may not need to comb the whole market, we will partner with you on managing the process of bringing those pre-identified candidates into the process. Talk to us about our "Target Candidate Management" solution today!