Experienced Talent


Candidates Management

Candidate experience is everything. It does take effort to maintain the touch point. In fact, one of the most common issues that candidate face is the lack of follow up from recruiters. I'm sure we're all guilty of this at one point and another.

No one likes it when the hiring process is prolonged. It is common to have positions put on hold and to resume months later only for the entire search process to have to restart from scratch. 

Talk to us today on how we can manage that candidate relationship for you.

Employee Referral

Employee referrals can be one of the most effective channel for recruitment. Organisations are known to run campaigns to try maximise this channel. A well manage Employee Referral Program also improves the engagement employees have with their organisations. Not to mention that this can also be a very cost effective way to reducing cost per hire.

Regardless where you are with your Employee Referral Programs, let us work you on maximising the returns via this channel.

Disability Hiring

While we don't exactly like the word "disability", the industry does still refer to these initiatives as "Disability Hiring". 

This is an area that we at The Talent Shark feels strongly about. There is a pool of highly talented candidates with some physical "inconvenience" that many of us overlooked in our talent search.

Work with us on building a truly inclusive workforce today.

Young Talent


Assessment Center

Assessment centers can be fun and effective at the same time. While we don't want to be stereotyping, but the generation of tomorrow does come with a different way of working. The demands of the future workplace is evolving and traditional ways of running an assessment center may not necessarily give you the best insights into today's young talent's ability.

Assessing candidates' ability to collaborate across regions in a virtual organisation is increasingly important.

Gamification and the use of online games to assess that ability becomes something that could give your assessment center that edge!

Talk to us today on how you can make that happen!

Young Talent Engagement

Is that career fair just a career fair? Are you going to be just handing out post-it notepads? Engaging with young talents today is becoming increasingly complex. Young talents today grow up in the information world where they are a lot more savvier and articulate with what they want in life. How would you engage this pool of talent and relate how your organisation ties in with their purpose in life? 

Let us work with you on getting this absolutely right before you hit the next campus fair!