Process & Operations Consulting


TA Modelling

One of the common question we hear a lot as a Talent Acquisition professional is "Do we have the right structure to handle the recruitment?"

Let us partner with you to figure that out. We will work with you on building up your coverage model, assess the right load ratio for better capacity management and also put in place a robust channel strategy which will help you scale your capacity according to your hiring volume.

Applicants Screening

How many times have you paid an agency for a candidate referral only to realise that the very candidate's applied on your job advertisement early on in the process?

It's a common challenge we all have where the team's just too stretched to sort through all the applicants fast enough. 

Talk to us today on how you can outsource the applicants screening process and save on having to pay the full placement fees for the candidates you've already had in your pipeline.

Employment Branding

Every time when we talk about Employment Branding, it's a "Love-Hate" relationship! Undeniably, this is one of the most "popular" project that many TA organisation undertakes.

There is no silver bullet or one size fit all solution in this. Be it on Linkedin, Glassdoor, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter or even Instagram, having the right engagement strategy is an absolutely critical in capturing the audience.

Let us work with your employment brand today.