About the Talent Shark

The Talent Shark is a specialised HR/ Talent consulting firm with a difference. As an extension to our client's HR and Talent team, we focus on tailored solution to complement and augment our client's capabilities.

Apart from being experts in the hunt for talents in the APAC and America region, we also work closely with our clients on projects such as:

  • Startup support (Hiring, ramp-up or process outsourcing)
  • TA process consulting (Coverage, Load & Capacity model, setup of internal TA processes/measurements)
  • M&A (Due-Diligence, Talent assessment & integration, C&B Alignment) 

The type of “Shark” we’re looking for

The Talent Shark is calling out for fellow sharks who possesses that instinct for “talents” to join the pack. To be a successful shark, you should be someone with a strong business acumen and an ability to connect the dots to make things happen. 

We want someone that’s creative, but not crazy. “Thinking out of the box” is over-rated, we are looking for someone that can redefine the meaning of the “box”. And this is how we partner with our clients. 

Our approach is to work with our clients and look for ways to augment their capabilities.

We’re also looking for someone that has the ability to view their patch or “desk” (Here we call it our “pool”) as their own business and we’re committed to making every one of our shark’s careers with us a successful and rewarding one.  

The work that you’ll be doing

As a researcher, your main responsibility is to support the sourcing of candidates for the positions that’s assigned to you. You will partner with one of the consultants and will be in charge of identifying the right candidate for the role. You will be the main point of contact for candidates.

Should you join the pack?

We are only as good as the sharks we have in the pack, and that is why we are very selective with who we bring on. And we would ask every shark joining us that same question, “Should you join the pack?”.

We are building a company that brings out the best in every one of us. We all know that the “way we work” is evolving and traditional way of working may not be the way forward. That is why we fundamentally believe that to be successful in each of our careers, we need to feel completely at ease with how we’re working. If you are someone that is task oriented and get the work done regardless of the when and how, and not a clock watcher, you would probably fit in. 

Our unique work culture!

Here at The Talent Shark, we have a “work from anywhere” culture. That also means we look for individuals that are mature and discipline with managing their time. There’s no fix hours that you need to clock, and each member of the team only takes on projects which they can commit to. 

A family - work balance is important to us, and you will find that many of our sharks are mummies and daddies first, before anything. So the culture of working around family commitments is very real at The Talent Shark.

To Apply

If all the above sounds about right to you, talk to us today! To apply, send us an email to: with your CV.

Want to find out more? Send us your question!